The use of the term Chesterfield to describe a leather settee, dates back to the 1800’s. Historians believe that Lord Philip Stanhope, the 4 Earl of Chesterfield, commissioned the first leather chesterfield settee.

This was when the unique and deep-buttoned design first emerged. This was combined with a quilted leather upholstery and a low base for the seat normally a plain seat was used as these sofas were also used to lay down on to relax.

The Earl was known during this time as a major trendsetter.
When he commissioned the chesterfield, he asked for a piece of furniture that could allow him to sit upright in comfort without wrinkling his clothes. This was where the inspiration for the chesterfield’s rolled arms, deep buttoning, and back height came from.

While there is no specific evidence of this origin it is widely believed to be the first instance of this design.
Over the years, this design became the premiere choice of Gentlemen’s Clubs in London and worldwide.
Chesterfields were exported to the British colonies by the officials of the Royal Army. They soon became a symbol of British style and luxury.

Chesterfields were especially popular during the Victorian era, where they became the centrepiece of living rooms.

The distinctive Chesterfield design has also been associated with psychoanalysts, as Sigmund Freud originally used a sofa during sessions with patients. In the modern world, chesterfield sofas are used in businesses, offices hotels, and private homes.

Chesterfields are a timeless classic and get better with age.

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Chesterfield sofa a Timeless classic……